How to Transform Pain into Lasting Happiness

Hi, I'm Lacye

So thrilled you're here !

I'm a regular person who's created a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary blueprint to get out of emotional pain. For Real.

I didn't think it was possible, but it is. And if I did it, so can YOU... because you absolutely can be happy.

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In the course I'm going to reveal to you the exact 5 step-by-step formula I have developed, tested and proven to be successful. A formula that's allowed me to now live in a life-changing state of happiness 80% of the time, (or more!)

I'll teach you all the things I figured out that, ultimately, worked like magic, and still do. Skills & tactics I wish I'd known decades ago.

And costs less than 3 weeks of therapy.

Not only was I able to skyrocket my levels of peace, happiness & joy, I found a way to teach my secrets in a very relatable way.

I’ve done all the work of figuring it out and I’m so delighted you’ll get to benefit from the results! My exact step-by-step blueprint.  

Who the Course is For:

Absolutely anyone stuck in loops of emotional pain for any reason and are ready for an incredible transformation.

Anyone not looking for a quick fix & are serious about wanting to change their lives.

Who the Course is Not For:

Anyone suffering from life threatening concerns, disorders and / or addictions that require professional help.

People who are looking for a quick fix.

Your levels of inner peace and joy can be elevated:

  • Even if you've tried everything and failed
  • Even if you have no extra time for anything new
  • Even if you have no extra energy
  • Even if you feel hopeless & helpless
  • Even if you think it's not possible for you to be happy

Your levels of inner peace and joy can be permanently elevated:

  • Even if you've tried everything and feel like you've failed
  • Even if you have no extra time for anything new
  • Even if you have no extra energy
  • Even if you feel hopeless & helpless
  • Even if you think it's not possible for you to be happy
Start Your Journey Right Now

You will begin...

With an empty toolbelt. Modules 1-6 will arm you with powerful, simple tools & knowledge that take mere seconds to apply. By the time you get to Module 7, you will be able to perform the 5 steps of the formula at lightning speed.

Anytime, anywhere.

What makes me qualified to teach this course?

I developed an extremely effective way to get out of pain. I know this because I've changed my life using the exact step-by-step methods I teach, and the lives of others.

It just works. And after you complete the course you'll know everything I know.

I'm not a spiritual guru, therapist, life-coach, scientist or doctor, I'm just a regular person who figured out a way to heal myself permanently. After years of trial and error, measuring, tracking & charting, I discovered what doesn't work and what DOES.

Yes, of course, everyone is different and results may vary, but even if you become 1% happier that is significant.

In this course you will:

  • Gain a totally fresh perspective into obtaining permanent happiness & inner peace that get results
  • Slowly turn stress into enpowerment by growing an understanding of why you're having certain types of negative emotions, feelings & thoughts
  • Enjoy more rewarding, enjoyable relationships with family & friends
  • Eliminate helplessness by learning to take control of your negative emotions
  • Generate much more positive energy once you stop using all your energy sources to deal with your endless loops of pain
  • Begin to look and feel more radiant
  • Have ZERO risk, if it's not a good fit for you? Money back within 14 days, no questions asked.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Complete step-by-step guide to unleashing a tidal wave of inspiration, motivation & freedom from pain
  • 7 easy to follow and understand modules building upon each other forming a solid foundation for the greatest successes and rewards
  • A formula you will be able to utilize any time of the day or night, no matter where you are or what you're doing, you'll never have to find extra time
  • Discovering happiness isn't complicated, in fact, the more simple you keep the steps, the more effective they are

The Course Includes:

  • Modules broken down into clear-cut, easy to digest lessons of on-demand material
  • A module dedicated to taking a personal inventory, allowing you to clearly establish your starting point
  • Easy & very effective action steps, 'What to Expect' summaries, and recaps for solid understanding
  • Support PDF files of the entire course, as well as, corresponding PDF files at the end of every module
  • Accessibility on all devices
  • Full lifetime access
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I've been where you are.

I went from crying in my car during work and sitting in my dark closet to try to get over panic attacks, to now being joyful, creative, energetic and peaceful most of the time.

Don't go another night being up at 3am overthinking, worrying and panicking. It's needless. Sure, you will always experience negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. A large range of emotions is good for you! I will teach you how to VISIT them, no longer living in them.

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The Happiness Youniversity Master Course

You'll be receiving:

  • 7 information rich, life-changing modules
  • Straightforward video & audio slides that break down each piece of information for you in my own words
  • Each slide also includes text for effortlessly following along
  • Action steps for real life application
  • Recaps of the lessons
  • A companion 227-page PDF document of the entire course
  • In addition, the course PDF broken down and attached to the end of each corresponding module

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